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Four Reasons to Choose Us

Multiple patented technologies and customer-centric professional services help enterprises achieve business growth
  • Accurate problem identification ability
    Different from traditional keyword matching systems on the market, Xiaoduo has innovatively developed the 'Kaleidoscope Model', which is based on the complex semantic understanding of natural language. With comprehensive knowledge fusion, knowledge reasoning, and accurate content generation as important features, it solves the problem of inaccurate problem recognition in traditional intelligent customer service, achieving a problem recognition accuracy rate of 95% in pre-sales and after-sales processes
  • Mature deep learning ability
    Xiaoduo deepens its robot learning ability and innovatively develops key technologies such as multi round interactive dialogue context recognition, relationship mining, and intention inheritance in situations with high system dimensions and dynamic complexity. This enables the robot to have a high degree of anthropomorphic human-machine dialogue ability with context understanding and natural and coherent responses, which can solve complex consulting and reception problems and achieve efficiency improvement
  • Rich industry application experience
    With the rapid development of the information industry, Xiaoduo has been deeply involved in e-commerce, covering over 40 industries and over 1000 categories. It has provided a series of complete intelligent solutions for enterprises and has served over 38000 customers in total
  • Professional enterprise level service support
    Provide personalized service marketing plan consultation for the store, while ensuring the implementation of the product from consultation to plan implementation. Provide full process consulting services for pre-sales and after-sales, helping enterprises to sail far away